Big Data & Cloud

The power, flexibility and capability that Cloud offers for prototyping, building and deploying Machine Learning solutions is truly a game changer.
Whirldata has strong capabilities in effectively using Cloud Computing for initial capability building for organisations in their formative years.
The benefits Cloud Computing offers, namely infrastructure on-demand, scalability, availability of several APIs for vision, video analysis, language analysis, language translation, conversational user interfaces and speech to text conversion and vice versa are amazing.
Whirldata’s Big Data & Cloud consulting, building and deployment practice and advisory is not limited to only Machine Learning solutions on the Cloud, but available as a comprehensive technology practice for all Cloud based solutions.
However, our specialisation is limited to three platforms at the moment:
  1. Amazon Web Services
  2. Microsoft Azure
  3. Google Cloud Platform
Additionally, Whirldata has extensive knowledge and expertise in substituting or building web services using micro-services and Cloud as a platform. We have capability to transform legacy small and medium e-commerce applications with micro-services on the Cloud.
Talk to us for an expert opinion on the benefits that your organisation could incur on moving to the Cloud.