Passion is genderless

To create a work culture steeped in inclusion and equality, where women employees are not just another cog in the wheel, but the fulcrum itself.

W@W is not a concept that was born out of a board meeting or aped from another company’s manifesto. W@W, which stands for Women at WhirlData, is an initiative that finds its root in the very fabric of the company and its people.WhirlData, since its inception, has been trying to initiate new developmental drives towards empowering women and transfigure the interior culture of the company itself.

Women constitute 37% of our current workforce across the board. We sincerely believe that in order to help people and the company to move forward and to foster positive thinking, an equal workforce is necessary. By the year 2020, we plan to achieve equal gender balance and to reflect that we will strive to reach the 50% mark in women representation. Equal representation across senior management roles is also what we are aiming for.

W@W Trifecta


We are anything but rigid. All our women employees, be it single parents, working mothers or fresh graduates, can simply telecommute, choose their preferred work timings, or even work from home.


All our women employees have mentors or coaches guiding them every day and helping them reach their goals. Be it a professional, technical or personal challenge, they always have a go-to person at Whirldata.


At Whirldata, we have employed a unique approach to upskilling. It helps ease those dreaded anxieties and creates a workforce that is always geared up to seize the day and the future. Each and every employee has the opportunity to upskill on AI/ML.

Our Commitment

Educating female employees about sexism

The right to equal pay

Create a positive and dynamic work atmosphere