W@W Fun Fridays


Rolling ball, Ten pins down

Have you guys ever been for bowling. I personally think it is a best recreational activity. I have my own reasons to think so. I read somewhere that bowling for an hour will help us burn upto 300 calories, which is a lot for someone lazy like me. I generally go bowling with friends as I believe it is a stress buster and we get to socialize a lot. But this time was different, I went with my colleagues. Whirldata, the company I work in, has a thoughtful idea of giving some time for all the women in the floor. This trip of ours to Bowling arena was a part of W@W (“Women @ Workspace”) which is an initiative in our company taken to encourage women empowerment. We all need a break. We generally give all our spare time to families and don’t get time to spend with the colleagues and friends and such initiatives from the companies will help everyone move comfortably with their teammates. As I said it was a different experience for me. I only went with my age group, but this time I teamed up with 3 more people from different age groups. We were a total of 7 people divided into 2 groups, one with 4 people and other with 3 people. I would love to introduce you to The pros and The amateurs (our team names). Let me remind you a quote guys “never judge a book by its cover”. Myself, madhumita, karthika and saranya are THE PRO team and Zakila banu, Jerin and Gayathiri are THE AMATEURS team. You must be thinking that the pros team are all the professional but no guys it was the first time for many of the pros and also the amateurs. Me, madhumita and gayathri did bowling earlier but for remaining others it was the first time. Our team the pros had 4 people and 2 of us had already played and the other two were very active and fast learners. The other team had only Gayathiri as experienced the other two had no idea, among these two one was very lean and we all were wondering if she can lift 16 pound ball. Imagine a lean women lifting a ball which is almost half of her weight and trying to roll it down the alley. If you were laughing like how I did then get ready for a wonderful face slap. Jerin was keen in proving us wrong she scored 3 strikes and a spare beating everyone of us and gifted us all a wonderful faceslap. You know what was the best part of that day bowling? THE SCORES. The amateurs average score was 69 and The pros was 61. After burning a lot of calories while bowling for a hour we stepped into a pizza hut to compensate all the burnt calories and filled our tummies with unlimited tasty pizzas. Mouth watering right? I am eagerly waiting for another day like this.

-Bhargavi Kalidindi

Women at Whirldata is truly a W@W initiative. We , the women working for Whirldata have once again broken all the stereotypes by not just being capable data analysts, Quality analysts, Projects Leads and what not but by also having fun at work. This week Our Girl team headed to FREEING INDIA , Ispahani Centre , Nungambakam, Chennai. Though this little girl trip of ours started off with a bit of clumsy “Stuck in the Traffic” scene, as soon we reached the Centre we picked up the spirit obviously because we had to take snaps. We then began our task for the day in Freeing India. In a nutshell , Freeing India is basically a team activity wherein a team on entering the Arena is narrated a script based on the theme of the activity they choose initially. The event begins when each of the team member assumes themselves to be the protagonist in the narration and starts solving mysterious puzzles and clues left all over a dark room that you will be locked in along with your entire team. The aim of this entire event is to free yourself and your team from the room after solving all of these puzzles given. Sounds interesting? Trust me the actual experience was way better than this. We a team 8 solved turned into these Macho Sherlocks each and solved some of the creepiest mysteries to free ourselves from that dark room built under the theme “LIVE TO TELL”. This Is said to be the toughest themes to solve and yeah we cracked it within a record time of 45 mins. After cracking some cool codes and puzzles, we had to feed our brains from CCD (Café Coffee Day) in the same complex and there ended one of Fun Fridays. Hope to more such cool experiences in the coming Fridays.

-Madhumita Gowrishankar