The future, filled with possibilities, beckons everyone with grand dreams. We at Whirldata, help turn intangible dreams into tangible realities. We bridge the present and the future by working towards solutions that are viable, scalable and affordable.


Today we #Go Beyond to solve real world challenges to help you #Stay Ahead to move towards an extraordinary tomorrow.


Instigation and discovery are an integral part of our functioning. We adhere to the First Principles approach by which we strip the subjectivity from a problem, understand the nature of the problem, the environment and commercial scenario around it, factor in the subjectivity again at an appropriate stage and then work on the path to a solution. The result of such an approach ensures the usability and commercial relevance of a solution.


Our team boasts of professionals with diverse set of skill-sets, extensive exposure to various techno-commercial projects across multiple domains. Subject matter expert is not just a designation at Whirldata, but everyone here knows their subject inside out and exercise a hands-on approach to each and every work. Putting our minds together we mix technology, art and math at the right scale to deliver a commercially viable AI or ML solution.


Are your ready for tomorrow? We are, today!