Science meets Business

At Whirldata, Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks are not science projects. We help our clients harness the power of cognitive technologies to build commercially viable intelligent solutions

Conversational User Interface

Give a personal touch to your customer experience. Explore the world of Conversational Interfaces to connect with your customers.

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Augmented & Virtual Reality

Magic mirrors and virtual fitting rooms, a 360 degree store experience at home, the power of online shopping at a brick and mortar store, a virtual pottery class in your clients basement - you dream it and we make it happen.

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Data Analytics

Business data is a goldmine of information. We help our clients mine for actionable insights that inspire meaningful business decisions which lead to profit and revenue growth.

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Image and Video Processing

Count cars in your parking lot, separate plastic from paper at your recycling plant, detect pot holes as they happen - not just pipe dreams. The future is now.

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Natural Language

Answer a question, understand your customer sentiments, mine for insights in a doctors note or look through a 1000+ page equipment manual.

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