Unified Rapid Solution (URS) – the smartest way to build your MVP

Founder's Series

The Ideas Economy is racing ahead in lighting speed and the catalyst of that change, Startups, aren’t the same breed they used to be. The overall approach to solving problems have now become more agile and nimble.

The conventional dependence on stealth mode for building complex, bloated non-minimum products has now been replaced with a much learner process that takes advantage of an iterative set of practices and KPI’s to build a (more efficient) Minimum Viable Product

A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is the first step towards the grand plan and not the grand plan in itself. It’s the smallest thing you could build to test the viability of your idea in a real-life scenario.

Also, the aspect of risk in a new product is not technology or the question whether it can be built or not or even the IP, it’s about viability. Is there a market for it and will this idea work in that market?

So, as a founder, you first job is not to build the final product or to unnecessarily worry about technology and IP but to validate/challenge the fundamental assumptions on which your product idea is hinged on and arguably in the most efficient and inexpensive way possible.

Whirldata’s Idea to MVP practice is designed to help Startups do exactly that and much more. We work with multiple Bay Area Startups and have successfully built their MVPs that they’d be glad to vouch for.

OurURS4MVP Approach (unified rapid solution)is especially designed to deliver breakthrough results in a short span of time.

Here are 5most important facets of our URS4MVP Approach –

  1. Experience derived maturity to unify the business-technology divide that currently exists in Machine Learning
  2. Ability to mix technology, art and math seamlessly in the right combination and right scale
  3. Our work-for-hire model that allows you to exclusively own and retain all related Intellectual Properties
  4. Proven expertise in building MVPs dependent on Data Sciences and Machine Learning within 12 weeks to meet pitch/investor deadline
  5. Our BT Agile Model that brings together experts from business, technology and data science domains to work as a single cohesive unit

You can take advantage of our flexible engagement models depending on internal structure and capabilities composition.

  1. E2E: We build the entire MVP
  2. Augmentation: We augment your existing team with specialistswho are trained to constantly validate any development effort with corresponding business impact
  3. ODC – BOT/BOOT: We help you recruit and setup a team that you can manage to build your MVP.

We are sure you’ll have more questions and we’d love to hear them from you. Avail our free consultation program for a short Q&A session with our MVP Specialist.

Write to us at itspossible@whirldatascience.com to set up a slot.