Strategic Consulting

For companies seeking to move up the value
chain towards more ambitious purposes
In an AI based approach to problem-solving business objectives and technology are complexly interwoven and the traditional approach to solution does not work because business linked variables are intrinsically hinged on technology and vice versa.
Whirldata is set out to bridge this business-technology chasm by disrupting the way things are done.
Need for change, transformation, disruption, advancement, growth etc., are quintessential terms used to brief consultants by companies seeking to move up the value chain towards more ambitious purposes which include the possibility of an absolute departure from conventional decision making.
And one such journey where the process of decision making is truly unconventional is when Data Science/ Machine Learning flows in to the mix
As a matter of fact the usual problem-statement approach may not even be the obvious approach. To be able to arrive at an answer we may first need to draw up a hypothesis which in turn requires increasing levels of sophistication, skill and clarity both in terms of purpose and processes for both parties to understand the critical objectivity and the goals thereof.

Our approach to solving problems that involve Data Science / Machine Learning starts with questions, such as –

  1. Where can I use Data Sciences and Machine Learning effectively in my organisation?
  2. I have a problem and I am being advised by my colleagues and industry contacts to use DS/ML to solve it. Will a DS/ML approach help?
  3. I have a well-defined problem and I know for certain that DS/ML can help.
The commercial use of Machine Learning is still at a very early stage and the measure of success or benchmark is far from being perfect, but the only way to make headway is to first agree that standard best practices do not apply here and that all stakeholders need to work together to draw up the master plan.
Our senior and seasoned team of  Disruptors, Creative Technologists, Insight Hackers and Algo Experts will work closely with you to unify this divide and arrive at the answer best suited to help you move up the pyramid.
We are a company that operates on the first principles based approach to analysing problems and it has yielded extremely productive results when performing cost-benefit analysis for spends on DS/ML projects.
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