Data analytics solution for a non-profit working towards preserving glacial ice melts

Case Study Data Analytics

Provide a data analysis system to process the data being collected by a set of remote IoT sensors embedded in Alaskan glaciers.


Whirldata solution architecture team engaged with the client over a face-to-face meeting at the client’s San Francisco office to understand the various sensors, the nature of data being collected, and the frequency. Further meetings were setup to understand the required methodology of inferring the data and the impact of results/outcome of the analysis on the client’s operations. IT requirements, security, access control backup needs and deployment constraints were studied.

Based on the client requirements, IT staff availability for long-term maintenance and scalability requirements, a decision was made to build a solution centred around the Amazon AWS platform. The Whirldata architecture team presented the high level architecture of the solution being proposed. Cost of setup, development and deployment were presented. The cost of running the AWS stack on a long-term basis were also studied and the operational costs of running the solution on AWS were presented to the client for a sign-off.

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