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Data Analytics Whitepaper

Most of us have servers and storage units chock-full of data(big data) just lying around or the potential to gather large amounts of data. Exploring the possibility of making sense of the data and harnessing it to drive value for your business has become easier than ever.

Business Intelligence and Business Analytics is combination of software, hardware and cloud architectures, custom and off the shelf applications and databases (RDBMS, NoSQL, Big Data, Timeseries database etc) to enables real time or near real time, interactive access to processed data, supporting decision making, gathering business insights and improving overall productivity.

A strong program to source, de-silo, organize and transform unstructured and semi-structured data forms the basis of a successful business analytics undertaking.

With some creative input, simple data organization and data visualization tools like Power BI, Qlik (Qlikview and Qlisense), IBM Watson Analytics, custom development packages on R, D3.js, Grafana, Apache Spark etc, data comes to life to tell a vivid and compelling story, visualize your business health, engage your customers, improve your process and improve your profit margins.

At Whirldata we enable our customers by providing actionable insights through dashboards accessible from the device of your choice or thourgh providing critical alerts and reminders. Our customers experience data in ways that they never imagined were possible. Our service stack include setting up of the data collection mechanisms, data organization, building the right analytic models and providing highly interactive visual presentations. Our technical and staff and scientist are deeply skilled in various commercial and open source tools and languages, analytic packages and artificial intelligence (machine and deep learning) and provide best of breed business analytic solutions.

Some key factors that distinguish our services from the rest

  • Simple three step data integration
  • Swift transformation of data as required
  • Skilled resources handling your data in secure and effective manner
  • Comprehensive and context sensitive analysis
  • Powerful interactive visual tools
  • Our R&D team keeps us constantly updated and trained on the new advancements in technology.


    Whirldata (, helps you prospect new customers and retain existing clients with intelligent data handling capabilities. We provide world class data analytics and insights on real time data to help our clients understand their customer needs, run their machineries better, fine tune their devices, optimize healthcare and medication or grow better yields on their farms. Whirldata makes scalable big data and artificial intelligence based solutions available to small and medium size businesses at a very affordable cost. Our range of data services include:

  • Effective client data analysis, predictions and forecasting
  • Implementation of IoT & Industrial IoT based solutions for consumer devices, machineries & manufacturing plants,
  • Agricultural farm, healthcare and automation
  • Machine learning & deep learning solutions
  • Data integration, Enterprise service bus implementations, data cleansing, modeling & warehousing
  • Be-spoke intelligent solutions using various off the shelf tools
  • Effective data streaming, collection and structuring
  • Cloud-based solution offering
  • Retail product recommendation engines
  • Big data and NoSQL implementations
  • Artificial Intelligence

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