ROI Assurance Through Cognitive Sciences

Case Study Natural Language Processing

Augment their online and telephone support process


A large apparel retail chain approached us to build a POC for omni-channel conversational user interfaces – to demonstrate possibility and establish ROI

Goal – Enhance customer experience through enabling omni-channel communication.Client wanted their customer service to be enabled and automated across multiple platforms – Echo, Google Home, Skype, FB Messenger and a proprietary web interface

Solution was deployed in a very short duration through the use of Whirlbot(TM) – Whirldata’s proprietary omni-channel cloud based chat engine. Customers could access bot based customer service through voic and text across multiple channels.

Solution also involved extensive integration across client’s ERP, CRM, CMS and e-commerce systems


Conversational User Interfaces and their benefits allow for accurate quantification of monetary benefits


A single platform that can integrate CUI across multiple channels

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